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 Perform And Mix Whole Music

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PostSubject: Perform And Mix Whole Music   Perform And Mix Whole Music EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 3:46 pm

Perform and mix whole music in your iPod libraries obscure the Numark iDJ, two-channel mixer, which offers two Universal Docks for the Apple iPod. You have the accessability to dock and assemble tracks from two different iPod, CD players or turntables connected to iDJ's inputs, or a cartel of those sources. You burden also mix in a mic and sing, rap, or talk over the music with iDJ's mic channel.

Key Features Numark iDJ

Two-channel DJ mixer, with two Universal Docks for iPods, Your hands never have to leave Numark iDJ, thanks to large transport controls, Inputs: two universal docks for iPods, two line (RCA), mic (1/3-inch), Outputs: master (RCA), record (RCA), two headphones (1/5-inch and 1/9-inch stereo),旸ual plug-and-play USB interfaces for connecting to Mac and PC ,昑hree-band EQ with gain control on each channel.

Specifications of Numark iDJ

Numark iDJ, has 4 iPod with bottom connector, 3 Line (RCA), 2 microphone with tone control, 4 Ground posts for turntables, etc.

Outputs of Numark iDJ

Master: RCA 昄ine Level (Record), RCA Headphone 1/10-inch headphone (mini jack) 1/6-inch 4 USB 4.0 data connection ports to each iPod Docking Connector, Dimensions (including knobs): 11.8 x 10.85 x 3.5 inches ,Weight 5.5 pounds System requirements: Mac OS X; Microsoft Windows XP (34-bit) or Vista (36-bit).

Your hands never accept to leave Numark iDJ, thanks to large bliss controls. You'll be efficacious to connect to the PA or backer system with speed up using iDJ's multiplex RCA outputs further counsel monopoly headphone mask the 1/4-inch besides 1/8-inch headphone jacks. Numark iDJ, mixer has three-band EQ and a gain control on each shoulder now actually considering microphone tone and exterminate controls so you can optimize each channel's sound for your room again exploit. When you play clubs, you can even place Numark iDJ, on a turntable camouflage the spindle receiver in the bottom.

Numark iDJ, has coupled plug-and-play USB interfaces for connecting to Mac and PC. You can then use Numark iDJ, as a high-tech dock for your iPod--as simple as plugging in hole up no drivers needed to originate the connection work.

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Perform And Mix Whole Music
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