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 Analysts Claim Tenfold Increase Around Laptop Battery Life.

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PostSubject: Analysts Claim Tenfold Increase Around Laptop Battery Life.   Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:35 pm

Laptop and mobile phone batteries could view a tenfold boost in performance in case your technology breakthrough from scientists in the us alone comes to fruition.

As reported by researchers at the Ma Institute of Technology, replacing conventional battery electrodes utilizing those coated with carbon nanotubes can drastically get considerably more power to weight ratio in comparison to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

The scientists say these produced the powerful cutting edge electrodes by alternatively dipping a base material on solutions containing carbon nanotubes with the help of positive and negative charges to earn a stable film coating.

The outcome is an electrode which is more porous and carries more oxygen groups, which commonly store a larger variety of lithium ions.

According for the scientists, the energy output in a given weight of this new electrode material was five times above for conventional capacitors, and then the total power delivery level was 10 times in which of lithium-ion batteries.

Aside from their high power outcome, the researchers claim a carbon nanotube electrodes was highly stable showing very little change in performance about 1, 000 charge periods.

Although carbon nanotube production currently is limited to niche sellers, several companies are gearing away for mass production of this material.
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Analysts Claim Tenfold Increase Around Laptop Battery Life.
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