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 Save all the memories of Your Laptop Battery_2_3.

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Save all the memories of Your Laptop Battery_2_3. Empty
PostSubject: Save all the memories of Your Laptop Battery_2_3.   Save all the memories of Your Laptop Battery_2_3. EmptyFri Oct 28, 2011 3:35 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start --> Simply because this IBM ThinkPad 40Y6797 Laptop computer Battery, it芒鈧劉s lithium solar battery. It芒鈧劉s used for half 1 year. But it always shows that the battery is charged full after 2 to 3 hours. Generally, lithium solar battery has slight memory effect. How to prevent laptop battery from aging? Here delivers some tips about laptop battery.
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After established working, it often inadequate charges, or even shows damage. Whether your laptop computer uses lithium or nickel-electro catalytic, it is one way to avoid the memory effect to use up the laptop computer keyboard. In fact, the lithium-ion power supply has some memory result. The general charging time is 12 hours. As it芒鈧劉s known that battery life ?s dependent upon the charge and discharge times. That is to say, the battery will be charged and discharged regularly once you turn don and doff the laptop. Battery will be used after a short time aging, specific performance is definitely the internal resistance become larger in the event the voltage across the charge up too fast. So Battery calibration is an efficient way to deal with aging batteries, a small number of notebook battery calibration software is going to be dedicated. If your laptop isn't going to discharge specific software, it is easy to follow these steps: 芒鈥旍硨 Disable that screen saver; 芒鈥旍硨 With the Windows Power Management power scheme will likely be set to 鈥渁lways open鈥? 芒鈥旍硨 With the Alert tab will become 鈥渋nsufficient power warning鈥? is about to 10%, the operation is about to 鈥渘o action鈥? 芒鈥旍硨 can be 鈥渁 serious power shortage alert, 鈥? set to help 3%, operating as 鈥減ending鈥? 芒鈥旍硨 the screen brightness with the maximum; 芒鈥旍硨 sure the windows closed, and save the data before work; 芒鈥旍硨 Make sure all of the battery charge after in excess of 80%, unplug the energy and all external devices. After the discharge, the notebook will automatically close. Then plug for laptop charging. This process can be repeated 2-3 times aiming at regular low current discharge. And its effect is identical to that of discharge software programs. My friend芒鈧劉s ThinkPad 40Y6797 Notebook computer Battery has revived once more. As time passed by, the battery will mature and older, even launched onto. So try to take good care of it while脗 it芒鈧劉s very new. <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Save all the memories of Your Laptop Battery_2_3.
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