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 Acer Iconia : A Laptop With Two Screens With zero Keyboard.

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Acer Iconia : A Laptop With Two Screens With zero Keyboard. Empty
PostSubject: Acer Iconia : A Laptop With Two Screens With zero Keyboard.   Acer Iconia : A Laptop With Two Screens With zero Keyboard. EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 3:28 pm

Acer Iconia is anything you choose when you believe that at iPad functionality to be a failure and a typical laptop seems too boring for one's taste.

Probably created those of you that think that the antique keyboard is old-fashion, Acer Iconia offers almost two 14-inch diagonal projection screens, each displaying a quality of 1366x768 pixels. Both screens are glossy finish and will be offering a multitouch interface, a little bit uninspired mix for the 2 main surfaces because will often be constantly covered with finger prints.

Multitouch interface is pleasant to implement on a 14-inch screen and will be offering a good level for control for ordinary pursuits like Web browsing, image incorporate keywords, moving and resizing uses in Windows, in some respects this process is superior compared that has a classic combination of banal laptop and mouse.

Virtual keyboard is harder to use compared to a conventional, lacking tactile sense by pressing keys. Virtual representation of your keyboard is still nicely sized and allows an affordable level of control, even whether it's not recommended for extended session pursuits like writing long office written documents.

Depending on the setup chosen, Acer Iconia might be equipped with 4GB or even 3GB of RAM, Intel Main i5-480M, 560M and 580M, as well as hard drive capacity levels from 320GB to 750GB about storing memory.

The basic configuration includes surely the two 14-inch multitouch computer screen, a graphical user vent managed by Intel GAME ENTHUSIASTS graphics with 128MB shared video memory from system board memory. The directory of features also includes an important webcam with 1280x1024 pixel res, WiFi mode 802. 11 b/g/n plus Bluetooth 3. 0 + HS, involved 3G connectivity, Gigabit LAN interface and a built-in microphone.

Connectivity options involve four USB 2. 0 ports and the other USB 3. 0, VGA plus HDMI connectors, along by optical output S/PDIF with regard to audio. Device weight concerns 3kg, which also comes with the high capacity Li-Ion solar battery with four cells.

With the information available so very far, it looks like Acer Iconia would be released on January 36, 2010, with an estimated retail price of just one, 500 euros for the principle configuration.

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Acer Iconia : A Laptop With Two Screens With zero Keyboard.
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